Eloam book camera scanner BS2000P advanced?

  • Wednesday, 19 June 2019
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 Eloam book camera scanner BS2000P advanced?

First impress,people know big size and heavy and operation use more time macine,flatable/traditional/retail price over USD$2000.00 machine.

Today let us know the new machine:eloam portalbe camera book scanner BS2000P with HDMI interface for TV/White board as video visualizer presenter and built-in memory card slot for recorder itself.  


Eloam book scanner BS2000P working characteristic:

  Fast & Clear: Equipped with an 18 megapixel CMOS image sensor, Eloam BS2000P can scan book, photo, receipt, business card or any paper documents up to A3 size in less than 2 seconds clearly and precisely

  Intelligent Processing: Automatically flatten the curve pages, erase fingerprints, correct the askew pages, purify the background, split the facing pages all at your choice


  Advanced OCR Technology: Convert all kinds of your scanned images to editable Word/Excel/Txt/Searchable PDF in one-click

  Share with Your Audience: Visual Presenter mode enables you to record  video/screen, give a real-time presentation and show details of books,  documents and any objects

  Simplest Operation: Easy to use software (for PC ONLY) with 5 scan modes, 3  process modes and Auto Scan function to solve all your needs;  One-click/step control - FREE Hand Button & Foot Pedal included


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